Friday, December 23, 2011

What is Web Hosting? What is a Domain?

What is Web Hosting? What is a Domain?

Must know that the site such as the house before the construction of any home

To be an area in order to build the house and the address of this house

This is what is needed for any site space (hosting) and the address of which is called Baldomin any range.

In this lesson we will learn together what is the domain and how reservation

First, What is a www??

Translated ====>>> Textile Network World

Is an effective means of Internet

For information easily in all areas

What is Domain (domain)?

Domain is a name of the site can not have the range or domain English

Must be booked in English

Example  al-ferdaws,HostingFlower

Domain name is,
This so-called Baldomin

What does the word com?

com extension means

Extension and you can choose depending on your choice you

What types of extensions can be notified?

Kinds of extensions are:













And you can book on the domain extension and type your

And when choosing a domain must be reserved by someone else

Must be non-existent or non-reserved

Now we know what the meaning of domain

How to Book Domain?

You can book Domain of

But I advise the host you are full of company

In other words the company  Domain booked them prefer to book them and you also hosting free

And now we know the domain with us and how to detention

What is the best? The Domain Book of the Company ?


So easy to communicate and deal with them and because of that a Know English well

What is the best choice in domain?

When you book the best domain name that does not have a large

Prefer to be called a brief and letters so easy anyone can keep his name

And preferably not reserve domain is similar to another site so as not to fall in the problems

You like to raise the issue for example, or problems due to breakthroughs similar to, or only that.

The most important thing that you choose the right domain for your website so as not to come at any time find that the domain name

Inappropriately with your site and you find yourself that you want to change and this will lose their members and visitors.

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