Saturday, December 31, 2011

VPS - Virtual Servers

VPS - Virtual Servers Technological environment familiar to us in the past two years moved servers a conceptual change and applications - and virtualization. Importance and attractiveness of growing computing virtualization turbulent economic environment: Why pay more for capacity computing, as can be paid according to actual consumption. In servers, VPS server is an efficient, inexpensive and easy to use and maintain.
InterSpace was the first to bring to Israel the solution VPS servers, and today is the most experienced company in the field.
What is the cost of VPS server? VPS server cost varies depending on the environment and various technical needs resources like CPU, disk space and monthly traffic. To compare prices, go to Aintreuz'n InterSpace Group: VPS
What is VPS exactly and how it differs from a dedicated server?
VPS is a virtual workspace one operating on a dedicated physical server. On this physical server can install multiple virtual workspaces, each of which operates an independent computing environment that is controlled fully by the user and other users in complete isolation.
VPS is the foundation for cloud computing, is based on operating system and hardware independent technology allows for superior flexibility and enhanced. VPS server brings several benefits that are reserved for dedicated server storage configuration and form of hosting on a shared server, in addition to its own advantages:
1. SpeedCollaborative server hosted hundreds of sites that use the same physical resources and without a controlled distribution, however the distribution of virtual server resources more optimally, and therefore the site which sits on the VPS server will run much more quickly.
2. Guaranteed memory allocationUnlike shared hosting services, VPS servers that are isolated from other virtual servers are getting a larger memory allocation and exclusive to them.
3. Flexibility severityUnlike the process of upgrading the hardware on a shared server (a process that requires expert knowledge), VPS servers upgrade process is easy and simple
4. Full backupDedicated servers backup process usually complicated and requires technical knowledge of experts. The backup process is done with VPS servers easily and completely filled
5. Flexibility is programmedApplicative standpoint, shared hosting server applications are limited to basic installation and system installations can be performed. However the manager the VPS has the option to update and install some application that only he chooses.
6. ExpressUnlike dedicated servers, and in much the same storage packages on shared server - VPS server can be installed only a few minutes
7. Save EnergyVPS server configuration and virtual saves energy and preserves the environment much more dedicated servant
8. Increased data securityVirtual server is isolated server, unlike the site on a shared server, and therefore much less vulnerable to break-ins
9. Higher data trafficAccount data traffic allocation of one VPS server significantly greater than the expense of the site sits on shared hosting server.
10. Costs downVPS servers that act as servers used but cost less than a dedicated server.

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