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10 additions used by the largest forums in the world Avatar Press

www.hostingflower.com10 additions used by the largest forums in the world Avatar WordPress

In this issue Sathdt ten additions of the highest priority should be in every blog. As we know, every new blogger in the Press Aluwrd find a barrage of countless additions to it, do not know what are the additions to his blog going forward. For this reason, the experts identified in the field of blogging tenth significant additions to meet all the needs of the blogger, the start of protection, reliability of search engines and the end to facilitate the recording and monitoring.
Of the best things in the offline price they could be expanded using plugins. When we talk about additions, many of us saw the vast amount of plugins available and which are often similar characteristics, which keeps us confused about how this add-on compatibility or those with our requirements. Avatar Press provides community WordPress Plugin Directory more than 8000 are available for the installation of add touch of a button, but do all of these additions suitable for a blog? Of course not. For this reason, must isolate the useful additions and the neglect of others is important. That a lot of additions that do not have the point of it adversely affect the performance of the code as well as the creation of gaps is known in the Code. Of course we do not want our blogs to be a place filled with the types of gaps caused by lots of extras on the Internet. For many bloggers, professionals and who have a reputation widely in the field of blogging as Michael Pollock that the Code of Avatar Press necessarily requires one tenth additions can not be dispensed with, these additions complement each other, as when added all at the same code to be an entity solid containing the most basic necessities and luxuries as well. These additions include the following:

To add the first: Akismet
This add-on is very important and comes with the first incarnation of the Code. Characterized this add-on being irksome prevent visitors to add comments disturbing and shameful things detrimental to the reputation of the Code, also prevent visitors from placing ads for a banned substance or cause for suspicion. This add-on is the development of team work and WordPress itself, which developed the Code, the only negative is owned by the need to open an account with to get the activation key add-on.

The second addendum: SpamShiv Spam Protection

The advantage of this addendum is to protect the existing e-mail addresses in the code from theft by terrorists. Many of the pirates and terrorists are looking all the time for email addresses are valid to send a stream that has no end of advertisements annoying to use software dedicated to this purpose, where the software crawls inside the sites based on several levels in the crawl prime concern is to catch any e-mail at any site, do not hesitate to these pirates and saboteurs in the sale of these addresses and any personal information collected for the shameful product of their e-commerce companies for commercial use for the promotion of goods, of course, does not want you to have your email address in their list. This work of this add-on encryption is HTML code that displays your e-mail, instead of displaying your e-mail to the whole routine as:

Addendum turn into something like:

This is your e-mail or mail your friends or your customers safe from the evil of these terrorists.
Third addendum: a map for your blog to facilitate crawling spiders inside

It is essential that each site has a map, I mean here sitepmap.xml Sitemap file is a file written in a language of XML by all the information needed by the search engine to process the archive to your site, the problem now is how to generate this file dynamically while the pages of the site increases and decreases continuously. In this case, if you want to create a map of the site yourself, be sure it will be a waste of time. This addendum is to add a very important, it generates this file automatically without any intervention from you.

Fourth addendum: improving the quality of the blog content do vote or survey information provided by visitors

Among the tools that allow visitors to participate in the topics of the blog are the comments, but not all visitors have the time to write and wait until you approve it, moreover, that some visitors do not want to use the comment feature because they are simply not convinced at all, using HostingFlower will be given other possibilities for you to take the opinion of visitors on a topic

Addendum V: Let the visitors share the content of your blog among them

Btansepk AddToAny to add surprise and operation immediately, many visitors want to share what they read or Atcefhouna with their friends, colleagues, or their agents. This addition would make your visitors share what they read from blog entries, as AddToAny add an additional button on the last blog entries every Visitors To share this content on Facebook or Twitter, Messenger, and other social networks. You may wonder as benefit from the work of Mohamed Aly? The simple answer is that the more spread links to the content appears in your site the more your site's ranking in search engines, and the following have hit two birds with one stone. Spread your site to gain more visitors and increased the confidence of the search engines your site.

Added F: Be a friend to search engines

We all know the great importance it attaches to the owners of sites to search engines, they are designing their sites twice: once for the visitors and again to the search engines, until it became the largest share in the evaluation of sites is the extent to which search engines to archive content easily. As a whole person who wants to attract the largest possible number of visitors, you should facilitate the way for search engines. Add All in One SEO As the name implies, they are all-in-one, I mean fast and feasible solution to facilitate the archiving of your blog easily. This add-on enables you to edit the information that appears in the search engines each page individually. You can modify the page title, keywords, a link to the page and the emergence of many options. After installed and running you need to go to its own section in the "Settings" on the left of the page as image shows.

After entering into its own section, fill in the fields shown in the image must also be cautious, be careful and you fill the fields, because what you write is what will appear to search engines for coming to the blog:

Added G: Ptdoinatk control as you want

Have you ever wanted to arrange posts your the way you want and not, as you want and WordPress? As we know potential for WordPress limited in this area. If you have several blog entries, it does not you can arrange to by:

     The writer.
     Of history.
     The title.
     Date last modified.
     The father.
     ID entry.
     Classification of random.
     According to the information in custom fields.
     The number of comments.

As we see this many options, but there is no right way, including words, we said we want to arrange Entries taste as we, and not taste Aluwrd Press. For example, we want to make the first post be the penultimate and vice versa. May remain the only option for us to do so, a change in the code template on which the code by default. Even if we succeed in doing so there will be a shortage and we Senqs full control of all Entries. So the purpose of this add came to solve this problem.
Also notes in the picture Valtdoinat are arranged vertically in the right of the picture, you can drag and drop some of them where you want, drag any blog entries before or after a specific blog entries does not matter, give you full control add-in Entries.
Addendum VIII: create a list of web browser manager menus
Arise in order to browse a list in your blog, you enter the control panel and create a list consisting of the classifications in the Code with some external links. But, you asked yourself about the reason for the absence in each time you change the template code and keep you create a list of the other? Just recently we started hearing about some of the themes of the code developers Aluwrd Press began to correct this error. But is not there should be a definitive solution to this problem? Oarna your attention for a moment, why do not we change the classifications with the names mentioned in our lists, why not have the right to delay and what we want from the lists? Some might consider this a shortcoming or weakness in the Press Code Aluwrd However, the reasons any solution exists.
Shown above, add Menu Manager, by this add-on you can create a list of the various classifications and external links without fear, until you change the Theme with your working on.
Added ninth: Let your visitors to be aware of what was always very in your blog

Perhaps all of us use social networks to communicate and exchange ideas and best known of which Facebook and Twitter. We always want to know Osaddaguena Oamlaana new in our website, and for this purpose we use the email newsletters that are sent to the e-mail each visitor wishes to receive in each week or each month. Puzzling thing is the fact that some visitors refuse to receive email newsletters for several reasons: some see as troubling not want inside the Friend's because they are distracted after waiting mail is important from someone important, or that some have dedicated mail filter its own to refuse to receive this kind of messages as SPAM . Well, on your work and ask permission?

Quite simply, the vast majority of visitors do not have trouble following you on Twitter. Here came add Auto Tweet to update your account to Twitter whenever you add new blog entries. Means that from now on will not you open Twitter and created a new message about this add-on because the posts your doing it for you.
Add to download and installed and then run, it remains some of the settings you need to create very simple add-on to work as required. Added require the user name to access your account on Twitter, as well as the password. This information is very necessary, not optional as it is the key to access your account on Twitter and the amendment thereto.
Added X: I know every nook and cranny of your visitors
Factor statistics is the secret of the success of each site is successful, She noted that statistics are that make you take decisions in place, if the decrease of the support of some sections in your example, or do a lot of support other sections ... and these statistics must be reliable and valid so that we can progress towards the next step.

Google has become to rely on in such positions of trust and take the character seriously, Fjocal not like any site, here I mean specifically the Google service statistics. This service is for those who do not know the most powerful statistics program included detailed reports on any site you may find on the web, as it is easy to use and a lot of site owners resort to it are always in their statistics.

Google will give you the statistics of the software code to add to your pages so that they know when, where and on any browser came to your site visitors. Well, add this code to each page in the template code in practice rather difficult. In order to add this code you must modify all the pages of the current template code, which keeps you in the maze may or may not emerge out of them that you are a beginner.

Instead of wasting time and effort in providing the template hairs, think some developers in the programming code to add Aluwrd Press named it Web Ninja GA.

War is the addition of this add-on code code that we talked about us earlier. So when you open the source code of the site find that the Google code to statistics in the stable bottom of the page so as not to impact on browsing speed in anything. After installing and running this add-on, you'll find the settings menu within the new option as add-on. In order to add your code I got from when Google Statistics.

Enter the settings in the field labeled Add GA Account ID, add the identifier for your account to Google Statistics. This identifier is also present in the code that Google gave you them for the statistics also show the image.

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